WORLD NEWS TOMORROW –  BRUXELLES: Prof. Baron Baretzky, a global security threat analyst and researcher believes he has found the encoding of Bach’s cryptic coding that appears to have been imbedded in all Bach’s compositions that gave birth to the industrial renaissance .

After 20 years of research Prof. Baretzky discovered that the 48 Preludes and fugas of Bach were imbedded with a code similar to Neuro pulsing code that could have had a similar effect  of suggestive hypnosis during the listening of the music .He explains that the code discovered seems to overlaps the pentatonic scale first used by Asian musicians thousands of years ago and have the ability to activate a subconscious hypnotic state of the Human particularly the people that have a suggestive mind.

The people of the world’s population that are open to suggestive control accounts for more than 90% of the populations according to some researches that indicates global masses can be controlled by several techniques such as subliminal massaging and thoughts by suggestion.

MK  Ultra, an CIA research program used similar brain washing techniques in assessing how far the human can be indoctrinated to commit acts of crime  on  suggestive  control methods. The techniques are today still used in psychological warfare.

Prof Baretzky explained that this discovery could have several ramifications as it ultimately deals with sound and using sound as interception of the mind in order to achieve an hypnotic state that then could be used to introduce anything from believe systems to war propaganda’s by altering the behavior model that would re-route the psychological behavior of man with ultimate price of taking control over his thoughts.

About the code:

The code seems to be a combination of structures focusing in rhythms  while you hear the music. These pulsating rhythms will go unnoticed to the human ear. The preparation stages of these pulsating rhythms create several stages that could prepare the subject  for brain washing hypnotic states of consciousness. It for example will induce a feeling followed by a relaxation and then by presence of a conductor the person could be fed information that he could seem to experience as real. It similar to basic hypnoses however is more effective in e correct environments such as churches and religious gatherings.

Most important it function on a 72 Bps (Beats Per second )rate and is highly effective. Test Done also indicates that after listening to the 48 Preludes and Fugue’s of Bach’s, it will slow your heart beat down to 72 beats per second  or lower. This is already an indication of subtle hypnoses imposed on the listener. Moreover,  Prof Baretzky indicated that the music is designed to manipulate the 5 senses  and by doing so  the final intend to manipulate the perception of time from the listener not knowing his present hypnotic state. During such state the mind is perceptive to suggestive control and can be abused in many forms or ways. “Technically its a tool to hypnotic the masses at large scale”.


If the mind can be controlled in such a way, then the churches of that time had by no doubt the power of man’s emotional state and this could explain the powers of the greater churches that lasted for almost 400 years.  It could explain that the use of such technology could easily have given raise to the industrial exploitation using masses of mankind to reform to use this kind of injunction off fear to control the masses at large scale. Does this explain why those who did not confirm we persecuted and hunted in the name of GOD ?

Prof. Baretzky explains that this technology is far more powerful than television and subliminal messaging as the results is everlasting. It’s a technique that could be used to enslave mankind as a whole and create an elusive believe that they cannot brake from as the psychological state is almost irreversible of the subject.  “This is the ultimate control of man on mass scale” he said.

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