World News Tomorrow – Election News US.

Who thought the election results would clear the sky is in for a surprise. After the victory of Donald Trump in the election race to the White House protests erupt all over the United States.

Berkeley CA, Boston MA, New York city, Austin Texas, universities and even across the seas to London UK people showed their discontent in the outcome of this incredible election journey.

Police forces struggled to keep crowds under control whilst demonstrants were shouting “Not my president” or “Donald Trump has got to go”. Fear strikes into people’s hearts from mostly minorities. Fear for the future according to statements and uncertainty about the times to come.

This division in the US is to be expected and it could not have been avoided even if the elections would have turned out the other way. The differences between the two candidates could not have been more explicit on almost every possible subject.

What is most alarming is that state leaders across the world seem to see opportunities to lurk alongside the new United States being the new “thing” to do business with. Donald Trump’s speech did make clear all are welcome as long as it is in the advantage of the US.

The United States in Chaos is not an asset to the current world arena where wars and terrorism are a growing threat in almost every part. We can only hope the United State can remained focused on world events as before without having to divide its attention to internal state problems.

Further degrade in security and safety could be expected in Europe as Donald Trump has stated earlier that NATO is outdated and he will not necessarily come to Europe’s rescue if called upon.

United States officials are making statements from their embassies that nothing has changed and the US is still the reliable partner it used to be. The question however remains how the US will maintain this statement if internal affairs need far greater attention because of internal chaos?

We can only hope for things to calm down and have the new Trump Administration to do its work as has been promised by Donald Trump during his first speech after winning the elections.

Walter Ivasc for World News Tomorrow.