WORLD NEWS TOMORROW – South Korea – Faced with aggravated allies and unblinking enemies, North Korea is likely to proceed on the current crisis by test-firing a missile or two and declaring victory ahead of a national celebration on Monday, analysts of the ECIPS (European Centre for Information Policy and Security) say.

After several weeks of increasing tensions and the threatening of a nuclear war, shooting off a missile that causes no damage, will give Kim Jong Un the opportunity to keep face with his people and mollify his military without inviting serious retaliation, expert say.

“North Korea is only playing a theatrical play as usual,” said Baron Baretzky of the ECIPS (European Centre for Information Policy and Security) a libertarian European think tank.

Observers ware of caution, however, that with so much unknown about the political situation inside the North Korean secretive scoundrel state, it’s possible that North Korea could take more aggressive action that would provoke South Korea into a forceful reaction.

“That would be unexplored territory and could have a unpredictable outcome” said Baretzky, President of the ECIPS (European Centre for Information Policy and Security) The ECIPS said that Sunday is the most likely day for a missile launch if any…

Before that, Secretary of State John Kerry will be in Beijing and shelling off a medium-range missile during John Kerry’s visit would be seen as a whack in the face of China, which has chided North Korea for its pugnacious stance.

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