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World News Tomorrow – Global alliances

Over the last year Alliances are rapidly changing on a global scale. Nations are surprising friends and foes about whom they ally with in order to become a greater global force. Russia surprised the west in 2015 when allying with Syria in the fight against ISIL. But more surprising is the change of China’s that grew into an alliance with Russia and Syria.

China’s alliances grow into Pakistan where China has agreed to spend a whopping $46 billion in investment throughout Pakistan. India, who is currently in a border conflict with Pakistan and with China at its doorstep, is also creating new alliances.

in September 2016 Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Vietnam/Hanoi and announced it will open a new $500 million line of credit for Vietnam facilitating a further defense cooperation.

In May 2016 India grows closer to Washington where Indian officials met in New Delhi for a “Maritime Security Dialogue” as both nations become more aware of an increasingly assertive China.

The South Chinese Sea has been the setting of rivalry between the nations in that region. In November 2014 India made a move to grow closer to Vietnam in exploring the oil resources and seek approach with Vietnam’s Defense.

Where we see nations become allies there are nations who tend to struggle or even loose them. Europe, a nation through alliances between countries, is having a difficult time in this respect. It is losing the United Kingdom and struggling to remain unified.

It is also struggling with the United States with soon to be president Donald Trump, may  not be in favor of NATO and has unclear agenda for the future in that respect. Both signs of weakening alliances which eventually could put Europe in harm’s way.

The rise of terrorism in Europe is one of the signs of a new era and despite the fact that alliances are more important than ever, the public opinion and their choices during elections create a very opposite environment. It clears the way for the rise of populism and drives countries apart rather than unifying them.

The question that remains is whether or not Europe will succeed to keep united and will NATO remain the power as it is today?

For World News Tomorrow by Walter Ivasc