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Whilst the United Kingdom accuses Russia of war crimes in Syria, Aleppo has only one hospital left where surgery is possible. Remaining hospitals were again a target leaving nearly no place at all to care for the wounded.

In 2015 it was already estimated over half a million people would die in this conflict and unfortunately we passed this figure. Even more sad is that many of the casualties are children.

Russia is accused of using cluster-bombs, Barrel bombs and Bunker-Busters in the fight against the rebels. Russia claims only to fight rebels but accusations speak of use of these weapons against any enemy of the Assat regime, including the parties supported by western allies.

The escalation in the use of heavier arms in the war in Syria is very worrying. There has been mentioning of the use of the TOS1a bombs that suck away the oxygen in an area where it detonates.

The issue in Syria is not as the Europeans like to see it. The good guys versus the bad guys. You go with the good ones and all is well. Syria suffers tremendously under the consequences of the war which devastates the country. On top of this the superpowers in the world are fighting their own war against each other over the Syrian population.

Aleppo is currently one of the centres of war where anything and everything , authorised or not, seems to be bombed by either the allies or the Russians and Assat’s army. The ceasefire that recently was announced did not hold long enough to help out even the worst cases. With now a single hospital remaining most of the survivors still living in Aleppo have little to no chance on any help when needed.

Russia and the United States both are dealing with their own political complexities. The US currently living in election time with president Obama reaching the end of his term and at the other side Russia who is driven into this war needs to deal with the Islamic groups and countries inside and closely outside its own territories.

The question here is how far both superpowers are willing to go before they both have found the right position to negotiate or shall we say dictate future courses? The 6,5 million people fleeing Syria or the devastation and harm done in Syria do not have the result many people hope for. A little more peace and little less hell.

Europe, fighting over a Brexit, is still not capable of coming at the table with the uniformity of a nation that shows it pursues its own answers. We can only hope for the people in Aleppo and for the safety for Europe this war will find an end sooner rather then later.

By the Editor In chief

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