World News Tomorrow – Science 2017

Ever since the second world war, the population on earth has grown abundantly. The wealth and prosperity mankind achieved through technology, machines and inventions since that time made us thrive. Soon we will reach a staggering 8 billion people on earth. Certain things that used to be a commodity for many, are rapidly becoming an unaffordable luxury.

We are talking about time, space, quietness. These three items are not for sale.

I mean when was the last time you were able to just hit your internal off-switch and be left alone by the world to simply disappear for a few days at no costs? Having no one to answer to. Just you and your own thoughts.

Some would say it that thought is a frightening but it is proven that as a human being you simply need this. Most of us live in areas where we all have to deal with the habits and wishes of neighbors, people passing by, busy roads, commuting, traffic queues, travelers or tourists, authorities doing all kinds of maintenance works.

Or what about the media like radio, television and the streams of information from social media. Are we ever going to find that place where we have the time on our hand? Find the quietness being just you for a while and have the space to wander around safely just on your own?

Today most of us will have to pay for this kind of luxury. Living in an area like that is possible but you will have to draw your wallet. Or you could argue that it’s silly to believe we need this. We are already used to the fact we live packet on top of each other.

Being stressed is normal and you’re weird if you say you’re “zen”. You may not want to be left alone. You need to be fed with information about everyone and everything. 24 hours a day. Some of you might even get freaked out by the idea of ever having to leave the city limits and its commodities.
So why not make your life a little easier and buy some of mankind’s acquired wealth which could actually work for you.

So we have looked at a few of the novelties that you might expect to see around in 2017. Be aware though some of them are worth a small fortune.

The Aeromobil is a flying car and transforms in a plane in matters of seconds. I hear you thinking “Transformers & autobots” It is created to blend in making perfect use of the existing infrastructure for cars and for planes. A fantastic invention that, according to the manufacturer, will come on the market in 2017.
Let’s forget about the price for a moment shall we? So now the images of what you can do with it must start flying through your mind.
Flying from your home to your work instead of commuting and waiting at traffic lights or queuing for hours on the motor way because “someone else” was so unfortunate to ram into a truck at 140 m/h.

So with all the people on earth and dense populated areas we will soon all take off on the road in front of our house? No, you will have to drive your plane to the nearby airstrip. Commuting again, queuing for take-off. And No, you can’t fly one of these with your ordinary drivers’ license. Sorry spoiled the fun did we?

The idea is great and a dream for many people to actually fly their own car. Having control over your own little plane and not have to share the space with others. But no matter the drawbacks, it looks to be quiet a bit of fun.

So if we want to escape the crowds, let’s fly into space using one of these “astronomically expensive rides out of orbit and land back on earth” type of It must be a truly amazing to experience for an ordinary person. No astronaut training, it only takes a reasonable withdrawal from your bank account and you’re away for a short while.

Can you imagine, once floating in space and you’ll be able to see the earth beneath you? That must be sort of liberating. You can’t even see what’s going on down there anymore. For a brief moment you are living on a global level watching continents and the weather on massive scale. You see hurricane Helen just do her thing, currently spinning above the sea, not over land off course. It is very peaceful.

And then, time is up. The return to mother earth is imminent. The spacecraft goes down and for a brief moment when the descending starts, a thought creeps into your mind: what if….? No. I have faith in the technology. The pilot looks like a nice guy and very capable and it’s stupid to think something will happen just now when I am on it.

And then you land, safe and sound on earth looking for network coverage so you can share your experience on any of the social media platforms out there. For the rest of us to gaze at and wonder if we will ever experience this.

So bored already, you look for the next best alternative. Robots!kitchen-robot Yes a kitchen robot to be precise. So when arriving home after a busy day at the office, you just have to sit at the table and be served how you want it and eat what you ordered.

Imagine Christmas, you were unlucky to have to work that day. Comforted by the thought your robot “Sally” has it all under control, “Sally” sends you a voice message she messed up the turkey and you’d better get some take-away. She already informed your parents and your wife because she is programmed to honestly report her failures. She promises you that she will not let this happen again and advises you to buy this overly expensive kitchen system she needs to communicate with.

With all this technology flying around you might want to dress in style and drive the stress out of your system. The latest gadgets here are the smart wearable’s. No not the watches but clothing doing amazing tricks. Like charging your mobile phone with your solarcoat, biometrics shirts and smart payment clothing.

After the spoiled diner, being fed with fat take away food, you decide to go for a bike ride. smart-shirtYou put on your smart shirt, your lightning boxer, ditto shoes and immediately you feel the sensors and connectors taking control of the body data your body has to provide. Heart beat, breathing monitoring, distance and movement information all is connected to your app on your cellphone. A wealth of information comes onto your screen. Information you never thought your body does provide. But it’s there, on your screen. It must be true right?.

Or how about a smart sports bra from the Canadian company OMsignal?smart-bra Whats that I hear you think, a sports bra with brains? It actually does the same as the smart shirt. Recording distances, monitor breathing, heart rate and tells you when you are recovered to get back into action.

For a guy the sports bra is a little uncomfortable. The alternative, if you don’t like the smart shirt, are the running socks doing the same tricks. And if you are a parent of a newly born you also have the Smart Sock for monitoring your baby.

Imagine you are running in the park, totally up to date. Smart shirt or socks, baby in the smart babycart with smart sock on. The newest app is synchronizing the data from the baby, the cart and your smart clothes. I mean, face it the tire pressure, speed, the distance it drives. That must all correspond with the data provided by the smart clothing. If not you might be in trouble. On top of that you have this weather station build into the hood of the baby cart. So when it start to rain, instead of feeling it, you’re private little Bluetooth bubble network is sending a message to your smart socks to vibrate, warning you of the weird wetty stuff falling down on you called Water. The hood of the cart screaming in LED colors: CLOSE ME ITS RAINING! You’re ready to face the world.

It must feel great being smart this way and there is more. samsung-smart-suitThe smart suit from Samsung is now for sale in Korea for roughly $ 500,-. The Korean giant calls it the NFC smart suit, it lets the wearer unlock their phone, swap business cards digitally and set gadgets to office and drive modes. The only thing that’s missing is smart underwear but I have not figured out what functions they should put in there. Any ideas?

Let’s wander off a little here. Imagine this farmer wearing a smart jumpsuit. With his sleeve he scans the eartags of the cows, sets his tractor in drive mode and his smart socks keep track of very relevant data. The farmer’s wife has a sports bra connected to the farmer’s database and… well let’s go back to where we came from.

You have been flying around, jump in and out of space, land back on earth and head into the office in your smart suit. Getting the message from your robot “ Sally” your Christmas turkey went “woosh”, then running or cycling around in your smart sports clothing to un-stress. All that information needs processing.

Where to go? Right the deserted Island. For those who have seen the TV series “lost”: that’s a little too exciting as you and ”The Others” will finally end up dead. So why not keep it a little bit more safe and secluded. A small inhabited Island to go to for a few days or weeks and hit that internal off switch. No internet no mobile coverage, no “ Sally”. No landline or anything that can disturb you or your family.

Except for hurricane Helen because she just changed course and went on spinning right over your Island. Your smart clothing didn’t see that one coming.