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With splendid fireworks to start with and former marathon runner Vanderlei Cordeiro de Lima lighting the Olympic Cauldron the Olympic games 2016 kicked off. As from the 5th to the 21st of August 2016, 10.000 athletes from over the world will compete with each other in what is regarded to be “the” sports event of times.

The worldwide audience of Billions who viewed the opening, was treated with a mix of fireworks, dance, music, lighting effects and drums. Video’s illuminating the history of the country up to the futuristic imaginary representation of the beginning of life and the evolution up to where we are today. Showing the major contributions from world nations through time to this very moment.

The Olympic teams where preceded by the flag carriers amongst which where famous names to be recognized. two times Wimbledon champion Andy Murray from Great Britain, Carolina Wozniacki from Denmark, Michael Phelps from the USA and Rafa Nadal from Spain.

The most lovable welcome went to the refugee team consisting of athletes with refugee status. President Thomas Bach of the Olympic Committee stated this is meant as a sign of hope but many also believe this is a clear and omnipresent sign indicating the world we live in today.

The Russian athlete group, cut down from 389 to 271 athletes did not receive the warm welcome one would hope for. Nevertheless they are there and it is up to them to show that sports at this level can actually be a contest of character rather then doping.

At the same time Rio de Janeiro is not the city it was 8 years ago when it won the bid for the Olympic games. At the time it was Brazil was in an upwards economic flow and one hoped that bringing the Olympic games to Rio could push prosperity and the fight for equality to a higher level with a final aim to help obtaining a more democratic and just Brazil.

Today the situation is overshadowed by sky-rocketing unemployment, change of president due to fraud implications and big increase in militarisation and police activity. This brings great unrest amongst the populations of which polls show that a majority wishes the Olympics never would have come to town. So what is this change all about and is the increase in militarisation a consequence of the Olympic games or is it about the economic situation and glooming cracks in the Brazilian system?

Some of the discussions that were equally hold in the time the games where hosted in Beijing where some might argue that the only difference here is the scenery.

Now the games themselves are a great display of human achievement showing what the body is capable of when competing with one another at the highest level of sports. The single question that remains is whether or not Brazil will continue to be capable of hosting the games and dealing with the aftermath bringing very much needed rest and peace to their country.

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