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Not too long ago man and horses were the standard for labor. Having land meant power and the way forward to acquire more land was often through war. Today a lot has changed and some may radically change in the very near future.

Mankind has set a step in the development of creatures that soon will be, or already are, superior to men. With its own intelligence, qualities and capabilities it outperforms men in every way. We call them robots.

Predictions are that we will be replaced by them for 25% of the jobs in 2035. Many countries are not ready for such radical changes. These changes however are progressing in a way like if men does not wish otherwise. We test robots in key positions in our society with its own artificial intelligence (AI) for study and learning purposes. But who is learning from whom?

AI is now quickly becoming common good. Many businesses use AI for certain activities in call centers for personalised customer service. Search engines using AI to serve us better. Small bugs like in google’s photo App, where AI classified black people as Gorilla’s, started raising serious questions whether or not discrimination is build in AI systems.

But how do we know we control what the AI is doing? Is discrimination build in there? A relic maybe, accidentally derived from human behavior programmed into AI? Concerns may be raised about ethics, and replacements of jobs but the fact is that robots are given the capacity by men to do it.

Soon Robots and AI will drive our cars, work our lands, fly our planes, process our food and replace us on all key positions in society. But if it has its own intelligence, who is to say some day AI decides it is no longer relevant to continue doing this for us? If part of it can think to understand men, will AI start thinking: What’s in it for me?

There are great Benefits when AI is driving our car. we can do other things! But if robots are slowly taking over the tasks that men usually do, what is the need of sitting in a car and doing what exactly?

Robots replace men in War

Now for obvious reasons robotics and AI’s are applied in military. Again the same rules apply. It outperforms men on all elements but there are some major differences. Robots are not generically applied to do jobs but performing tasks for secluded groups of men against other groups.

Science fiction is becoming a fact in life and robots, with their own intelligence, will play a key role in servicing, supporting men or killing in war, in the decades to come.

In a recent article from RT about Robots to replace soldiers in future, a Russian military Hi-Tech body states “Future warfare will see sophisticated combat robots fighting on land, in the air, at sea and in outer space, adding the days of conventional soldiers on the battlefield are numbered.

So, Robots and AI will soon, like in our society, be operating actually all devices currently available. On the ground, in the air, under water and in space. And we train many of these skills in business today.

Who is building these robots and where? What capabilities we give AI and how do they relate to men in general? Can we expect regulations to change forcing men to accept robots and AI in society to replace us?

An article from Japan Times November 11 2015 states why the rules for robots not to harm men will change. According to that article “A license to kill is imminent in Japan and anywhere else.” The point made to support this claim is about avoiding responsibilities when harming others. Will this very human quality become our downfall? Will AI assume responsibility if given?

for WNTC by Walter Ivasc

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