World News Tomorrow France – A tragedy in France and a new episode in terrorism. A large white transport truck rammed into a crowd during the festivities of Bastille Day in Nice. At around 10h30 pm the truck started to zigzag through the crowd of people over a traject of 2 km leaving a trail of death and wounded behind. Whilst driving the driver was firing shots into the crowd. Finally after 2 km French police was able to kill the driver and stop this horror rollercoaster.

Despite a convenient security force present in Nice questions arise: could the police have done more or could they even have prevented this from happening? This horror looks to have come as a surprise and it lead to the dead of 84 people and more then a 100 people injured.

The tactic used here is similar as to what happened in Israel last year where cars and vans were used by terrorists to drive into small crowds at busstations and shopping centers. The truck driver in Nice has been identified as a 31 year old Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, a French resident born in Tunisia. After the truck had been stopped by the police, a search revealed different heavy arms and grenades. Luckily they were not used as the massacre could have ended even worse.

Many people are shocked by this tragedy as they described to have seen only normal security arrangements in place at the time of the attack. An attack leaving the French citizens and family of the victims furious over what they see as severe security failures.

This attack follows on the earlier attack on the Police couple recently killed outside their home in Paris and the attacks in 2015 in Paris. Will France be ready for new threats in the future?

By the Editor in Chief

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