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On the 30th of September 2016, Iraqy transport minister Kazem Finjan stated in an interview that the Sumarians were the first to build an space airport on earth 5.000 years B.C.

This airport was located in what was known to be Mesopotamia, currently Dhi Qar. Due to favorable weather conditions this location was perfect for their flights to outer space.

Kazem Finjan finds proof in the books of historian Secharia Zichin, an expert on Sumarian studies but also the book of Samuel Kramer or the books written by H.G. Wells “History begins from Sumer.” in this book H.G. Wells speaks also about an airport which was build in the same region.

Convinced about this he also states the skies all above Dhi Qar are safe for planes. Refering to NASA’s anouncement about the discovery of the Planet Nibiriu, he states the Sumarians were the first to discover that planet 7.000 years ago then called the 12th planet.

A most intruing statement from an official of the Iraqi governement, convinced about the truth behind his explanation.

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