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Visiting Thailand is about temples, nature, wildlife and beaches. Surrounded by countries as Laos, Cambodja, Burma and in the south point tipping Malaysia it is an exotic destination. Especially on the islands the beaches are really worth visiting.

What the best beaches are is really depending on your definition of “what’s best”. Like in life we all seek what suits us most. Beaches close to restaurants, nightclubs and bars or more remote to spend day’s in tranquility. Some beaches are close to life local on the island where you can whatch the fishers with their small fishing boats at work.

One tip though, many islands do not have ATM’s so make sure you bring cash with you. Also exploring the Islands can take up time and energy as distances can be vast on some of them.

The Island of Koh Tao offers many beaches. small or big, remotely and secluded or busy close to nightlife and bars. Here’s an overview to get you started.

Sairee beach, Koh Tao
One of the longeset beaches most heard of on the Island is Sairee beach. Strechting out you will find plenty of space and shadow. anywhere on the beach you will find yourself within reasonable distance of access to cold drinks and food. There is some boat traffic along side of the beach but the opportunity here for snorkling are reasonably good too.
A nice beach where you can stay with a group and have easy fun playing football or beach volleyball.

Ao Hin Wong, Koh Toa
Looking for a more remote almost desolate escape, then head to Ao Hinwong beach. It is one of the many sheltered inlets on the east coast. It has a couple of retreats and as the most northerly habitation on Ko Tao, this is a deeply recessed. It has a small beach and a more rocky bay with nice coral reefs. It is great for swimming and snorkling. You will find some nice hillside bungalows where you can find some rest in a hammock and enjoy the views over the ocean.


Mango Beach, Koh Tao
A small beach with a rocky bay. I you like to be secluded more a way from business and people then this bay offers a more relaxing environment. It has two resorts and offer trips onto the ocean. It is a place ideal for snorkling, peace and tranquility.
In the middle of the coast, the dramatic tiered promontory of Laem Thian shelters, on its south side, a tiny beach and a colourful reef, which stretches down to the east coast’s most developed bay of Ao Ta Note. Ta Note’s horseshoe inlet is sprinkled with boulders and plenty of coarse sand, with excellent snorkelling just north of the bay’s mouth.

Just 1km from Ko Tao, this close-knit group of three tiny islets provides the most spectacular beach scenery in these parts, thanks to the causeway of fine sand that joins up the islands. You can easily swim off the east side of the causeway to snorkel over the Japanese Gardens, which feature hundreds of hard and soft coral formations.

Koh Lipe island
Koh Lipe is an Island situated at the far south of Thailand very near to Malyasia. It is one of the smallets island the Adang-Rawi Archipelago of which Ko Adang. and Ko Ra Wi are the biggest.


Pattaya Beach, Ko Lipe
A shining crescent powdery white sand and cristal clear water, with its offshore reef and relaxed atmosphere, Ko Lipe island is attracting Westerners, Thais and Malaysian backpackers and families. It offers many resorts and accomodations and last years attracks more upmarket resorts as well.
In high season it can become very busy but escaping to other parts of the small Island is easy within 15 minutes.

Hat Chao Lay, Ko Lipe
Streching out along the full eastern side of Ko Lipe Island there is a great view to be seen. Near to the village of Chao Ley it has a pleasant atmosphere in high season. It offers gfreat snorkling arround the two tiny islands located right of the beach.

Because it strechtes out over a longer distance you will find accomodations being more spread out. But there are some nice restaurants along teh way and some places that are realy affordable too.

Sunset Beach, Ko Lipe
A small beach with a more old way type bars and restaurants build out of drift wood. A nice laid back place to watch the beautiful sunsets.

Ko Samet Island
is an Island situated more closeley to Cambodja and is one of the eastern seaboard islands of Thailand. It is in the Gulf of Thailand off the coastline of the Thai province of Rayong, approximately 220 kilometres southeast of Bangkok


Hat Sai Kaew, Ko Samet
Otherwise known as “Diamond Beach”, Hat Sai Kaew was named for its long and extraordinarily beautiful stretch of luxuriant sand, so soft and clean a result, Unsurprisingly, it’s the busiest beach on Samet, but the northern end is slightly more peaceful.

Ao Nuan, Ko Samet
Accessible by climbing over the headland to the north (which gives a fine panorama over Hat Sai Kaew), the secluded Ao Nuan is Samet’s smallest and most laid-back beach. Because it’s some way off the main track, it gets hardly any through-traffic and feels quiet and private.
koh-samet-beachesAo Hin Kok, Ko Samet
One of the many beaches on Ko Samet’s east coast, and much smaller than its busier neighbour, this stretch has more of a travellers’ vibe. Just three sets of bungalows overlook the petite white-sand beach from the slope on the far side of the dirt road.

Ao Noi Na, Ko Samet
On the island’s north coast, known as Ao Noi Na – even though it’s not strictly a single bay – has a refreshingly normal village feel compared to the rest of Samet. There are an increasing number of places to stay along the narrow coastal road here, offering serene views across the water to the mainland hills, and one white-sand beach of note at the far western end.

Ao Sang Thian & Ao Lung Dum, Ko Samet
A favourite with Thai students, who relish the beauty of its slightly wild setting, “Candlelight Beach”, and contiguous Ao Lung Dum display almost none of the commerce of other beaches on this island. The narrow, white-sand coastline is dotted with wave-smoothed rocks and partitioned by larger outcrops that create several distinct bays.

Ko Chang Island.

Ko Chang, one of the largest Thai islands in the Gulf of Thailand, contains dense, steep jungle. Mu Ko Chang National Park, a preserve with hiking trails and waterfalls such as tiered Klong Plu, covers the interior and extends to offshore coral reefs. The coast is dotted with beaches and villages including Bang Bao, built on piers. Hat Tha Nam (aka Lonely Beach) has a waterfront party scene that attracts backpackers.


Lonely Beach (Hat Tha Nam), Ko Chang
Named “Lonely Beach” before it became Ko Chang’s top place to party, this stretch of sand has, despite the creeping concrete, some creatively designed little wood and bamboo bar-restaurants, some of them offering chilled, low-key escapes from the the loud dance music, all night parties and buckets of vodka Red Bull that the beachfront places are notorious for.


Hat Khlong Phrao, Ko Chang
One of the island’s nicest beaches, this sweeping, casuarina-fringed bay is yet to see the clutter and claustrophobic development of its neighbours. It begins with a nice 1km-long run of beach that’s interrupted by a wide khlong (canal), whose estuary is the site of some characterful stilt homes and seafood restaurants. The southern beach is partly shaded by casuarinas and backed by a huge coconut grove.

Ko Mak Island
Ko Mak is a small island of Trat Province, Thailand. The island is named after the Areca nut. The island of Ko Mak is in the east of the Gulf of Thailand, 35 kilometers from the mainland, and is the third largest island in Trat Province.


Ao Kao, Ko Mak
On the southwest coast, the longest and nicest beach on Ko Mak, is a pretty arc of sand overhung with stooping palm trees and backed in places by mangroves. The beach is divided towards its southern end by a low rocky outcrop that’s straddled by a couple of resorts, while the long western beach is shared by a dozen other sets of bungalows, most of them around the pier.

Ao Suan Yai, Ko Mak
Long, curvy Ao Suan Yai is not as pretty as Ao Kao on the opposite side of the island, but the sand is fine and the outlook is beautiful, with Ko Chang’s hilly profile filling the horizon and Ko Kham and other islets in-between.

Ko Kut Island
Situated close to Koh Chang Island, with roughly half the size it is close to the maritime border of Cambodja. It is a beautiful and unspoiled island declared by many to even be the most beautiful of all.  A must see mountainous island with coast of splendor white sand beaches. with good accomodations and public transport you will find exploring the island costing some efforts. But its worth it.
Most Restaurants and diners are in the vicinity of Khlong Chao area. That said it is not a night life island


Khlong Chao Ko Kut (Ko Kood)
One of Ko Kut’s prettiest picture postcard beaches, with powdery white sands along most of its length and plenty of shade spots. You will find acouple of beach bars to make life comfortable. the accommodation on the beach here are of good quality. So if you have a reasonable budget it is worth visiting.

Ao Ta Khian, Ko Kut (Ko Kood)
This is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island, with its super soft powdery white sand. Hit the beach and turn left, walk for about 100 metres and enjoy your Robinson Crusoe afternoon. Water is cristal clear and you will spot the fish without even getting wet.


Ao Phrao, Ko Kut (Ko Kood)
Just one hour by speedboat from the mainland, this long, unspoilt, stunning beach of white sand, backed by densely planted palms and the slopes of Khao Chom, is the perfect place to relax after the chaos of Bangkok. Behind Ao Phrao, the tiny fishing village of Ban Khlong Phrao occupies the mangrove-lined banks of Khlong Phrao (which extends another kilometre inland).

There are many other islands and beaches to travel to.


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