GENEVA- WORLD NEWS TOMORROW: The UN mission convoy that came under attack in Syria on Wednesday hopes to continue its work in the country, said head of the UN delegation and chief military observer Major General Robert Mood.

According to the official United Nations  press release, Mood expressed concern for the soldiers injured. “As we speak, members of UNSMIS are in the Dar’a hospital to check on the condition of the injured soldiers. I wish them an early recovery,” he said.

With a total mandated strength of 300 military observers and additional civilian staff as required, the mission continues to receive new members on a daily basis as it expands its presence across the country.

“In the next two days, we will cross the 100 mark for military observers in the mission,” Mood said.

The UN mission comprises 113 personnel from 38 countries, including 70 military observers and 43 civilian staff members.

An explosion occurred in the vicinity of the UN mission in Syria on Wednesday morning, soon after the convoy crossed a military checkpoint on the road approaching the town of Dar’a in southern Syria.

Several Syrian soldiers from the rear escort vehicle of the convoy sustained injuries and were taken to the hospital for treatment.

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