SUDAN- WORLD NEWS TOMORROW:Sudanese armed forces launched an attack more than six miles inside South Sudan’s border, an official said Sunday, days after the South announced it was pulling its troops from a disputed border town to avoid an all-out war between the two countries.Ground troops from Sudan launched three waves of attacks, Deputy Director of Military Intelligence for South Sudan Maj. Gen. Mac Paul said.A soldier’s body and two wounded soldiers were brought to a hospital, the clinical director at the Rubkona Military hospital, Dr. Zecharia Deng Aleer, said. Aleer said the soldiers were brought in from around the Pariang Junction, in South Sudan’s Unity State.

Paul said it was the first major engagement between the two armies since South Sudan announced it would pull out from the contested border town of Heglig.Paul said the Sudanese forces “have come deeply in the south” and attacked with artillery and tanks. He said the attack was part of a “continuous provocation from the Sudanese Army.” Paul said Sudan also used “militias” in the attack.Sudan and South Sudan have engaged in several clashes over the past two weeks around Heglig, which is claimed by both countries. Heglig is the site of a major oil facility, which supplies around half of Sudan’s oil.

Sudan and South Sudan have been drawing closer to a full-scale war in recent months over the unresolved issues of sharing oil revenues and a disputed border.The international community, led by the U.S., has called for the two countries to stop all military actions against each other and restart negotiations to solve their disputes.South Sudan broke away from Sudan in July of last year after an independence vote, the culmination of a 2005 peace treaty that ended decades of war that killed more than 2 million people. Despite the treaty, violence between the two countries has been on the rise.

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