WORLD NEWS TOMORROW –  KHAAMA  (Afghanistan) . News today reports that three grenades were thrown into a mosque in the eastern Afghan Khost province, injuring nine on Wednesday, a day after a string of suicide bombings killed at least 46 people in southwestern and northern Afghanistan.

The Taliban did not acknowledge the attack, even though Afghan police blamed Taliban insurgents.

The grenade attack came after the deadliest day for Afghan civilians so far this year on Tuesday, as the Taliban and their allies ramped up their attacks on Afghan security forces, who are supposed to take over when Western forces leave the country by 2014. The first attacks took place in Nimroz province capital Zaranj, 10 kilometers from the Iranian border.

Afghan police killed two attackers on Monday and captured three others on Tuesday morning, but three suicide bombers still managed to detonate explosive vests later that day. Most of the casualties came from a bazar, where Afghans flocked to shop for the Muslim Eid holiday.

The second bombing in the northern Kunduz province also took place near a crowded bazar, killing at least 10 people, including five children. No one, including the Taliban, has claimed responsibility for the bombings.

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