WORLD NEWS TOMORROW:  Several Credible witnesses interviewed by the Russian born investigative  journalist Yana Yerlashov from RT TV confirmed that an Sukhoi Su-25 was firing at the Malaysian Boeing.

The tower flight records of the nearby region indicates that the SU-25 took a 37. 32 degree turn approximately 3 to 5 kilometers ahead of the flight MH17 Boeing resulting to be directly in the path of oncoming flight MH17. Calculations indicates that the SU-25 would have ended up on the left side of the Boeing when fired at.

This information also corresponds with the interviewed eye witnesses on the ground who said that they have seen two missiles fired. Investigative journalist found out that the OSCE refused to take statements of the credible witnesses when arriving on the scene three days later.

The first missile hit the left side of the Boeing’s engine and the second directly into the cockpit of the Boeing since the engine kept going. This also seems to correlate with experts who are now independently investigating the case.

More alarming is the fact that the OSCE appointed to investigate, arrived at the site 3 days later and ordered that no bodies were to be removed or touched during that time, leaving the human parts scattered around the impact site.
One witness said that she also heard two explosions and then she saw the bodies fall from the sky. The experience were too horrible to witness.

It’s evident that a Su-25 was indeed in the area and changed direction towards the Malaysian Boeing MH 17. The question is, who’s jet was it  and who was giving the orders?  The Sukhoi Su-25 known by NATO as “Frogfoot” ,  is a twin-engine jet aircraft developed in the Soviet Union by the Sukhoi Design Bureau, however it’s still unclear who the pilot was at the time. It seems that  the flight MH17 was not at the wrong time at the wrong place, but rather, in the middle of a political interest of  higher powers.

The SU-25 fighter jet can gain an altitude of 7 km, according to its specification but can go much higher when ordered my military when in the interest of security. It’s equipped with air-to-air R-60 missiles that can hit a target at a distance up to 12km, up to 5km for sure.” This fits well within the ranges of the Boeing that was in the oncoming part of the SU-25.

The Secret Arms Deal

Just days before the USA engaged in signing a weapons supply deal of $350 Million with Ukraine. The rumor has it, that the pilot took his orders from a  Ukrainian General, who possibly knew or had a stake in the arms deal, and knew that such an incident would conclude the deal with indefinite results. hypothetical research indicates that this could be almost certain that the such incident could have increased the need for arms supply to Ukraine, particular if Russia appeared to be were blamed in this scandal.

Whats is more interesting is that rumor goes that the military apparently under command of the same general, took control of the command tower just hours before the incident and at the time of the indecent  the military were in control of the tower’s command center which normally control civil flights. This type of  Military behavior is very unusual and needs proper investigation if proper international civil flight protocols is to be followed.

Under international criminal law, this would become a war crime and the question remains, would the Dutch government go against their political interested to exercise the prosecution of a  ” War Crime “, after all, De Hague criminal court is the centre for war criminals and 298 Human beings lost their lives.

Are we living in a world where it’s no excepted to kill with ” Big Guns”  in the name of political interests, and what effect will it have in the future if national security agencies fails to see the risks of such war games that could effect the entire international community ?

By Kevin Brenan exclusively for World New Tomorrow IFJ Journalist

Stop Violence and War !



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