WORLD NEWS TOMORROW: During 2003 the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) was introduced by United Nations General Assembly Resolution 55/56 following recommendations in the Fowler Report. The purpose of this “ Scheme ‘ was to eliminate the trade of conflict diamonds, however the definition of the word conflict diamonds were never properly defined. Rapaport, the world’s largest Diamond monopoly stated in an article published in 2009 By Even-Zohar “ The Definition of a conflict diamond is the same as asking an elephant to stop at a red light” Eight years since the KPCS was introduced. It seems that the trade has since shifted its way to do business.

Almost similar to that of a licensed false passport. Israel imported 19 Billion USD of Diamonds during 2010 according to the International trade figures; a year on year increase since 2003, yet productions in African countries has fallen with a sharp estimated 30% or more. Prices of diamonds has reached an estimated soaring height in Jan of 2011, never seen before, whilst the world’s economy is finding itself in serious trouble. It is now a confirmed fact that “blood” is literally traded for diamonds.

The increase in trafficking of diamonds and gold has jumped year on year and is now infiltrating the more stable countries of Africa. A warning sign that large African economies such as South Africa might be at a solemn risk of collapsing due to the prosperous gateway of the legalized “scheme” diamond trade. An estimated 23 Diamond projects in South Africa is on the brink of closing. This is a strong indication of where it is all going and the risk attained with the process. Diamonds is still a strong commodity for payment and it could be argued what have Israel in common with Diamonds and Arms? We can leave this answer open for all debate; however, the proof is in the poeding as it has once been said. It is a known fact that rebels from Africa and elsewhere are constantly acquiring weapons from the trade in diamonds. The cycle of this vicious blood trade is perpetuating the rising of new entities within the African continent.

The South African economy faces one such threat as the idealism of nationalizing of mines is constantly pimping up as a pimp. The question now remains, what has the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme brought to the table other than being a scheme? Is Africa on the brink of selling its “Blood for Diamonds”

Author : Baron Baretzky IFJ International Federation of Professional Journalist Member and NWU National writers Union USA Member Editor Diamond

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