WORLD NEWS: Whilst many homegrown European are hungry without work and food migrants withn the EU claim a whopping £27 million in child benefit – to send back home. FOREIGN workers from EU countries are claiming a massive £27 million in child benefit per year – for children who live overseas.Migrant workers from countries such as Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Lithuania are claiming the cash on behalf of their offspring living in their home countries

Migrant workers are allowed to claim for their dependents under European legislation. Figures obtained following a Freedom of Information request also reveal the total amount paid out in child benefits over the last five years. Almost £116 million was paid out to Polish workers claiming for their children, Slovakia migrants were paid £7.3 million in child benefit and those from Lithuania were handed almost £6 million.

Latvia workers were handed £3.3 million in child benefit, Romania £1.3 million and the Czech Repulic £1.2 million.  Elsewhere, Bulgaria, Hungary, estomia and Slovenia workers claimed £950,000, £760,000, £210,000 and £47,000 respectively. Jonathan Isaby, of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, the figures highlighted why universal benefits are almost  always a “bad idea”.

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