WORLD NEWS TIMES – Washington DC- ECIPS Europe reports:  – The President of ECIPS  ( The European Centre for Information Policy and Security) and global threat analyst, Ricardo Baretzky has warned that the recent wave of cyber-attacks shows that governments and their security is no longer adequate and that governments in the EU needs to step up their security to avoid possible cyber attacks from terrorist organizations.

He said “Now is the time to aggressively invest into global security networks to avoid more serious issues in the future by the use of cyber-attacks”  He went on and said ” Those who fails to  pay attention and by doing so, puts all efforts at risk to combat crime and terrorism by law enforcement agents”

This is a strong message send to security forces for them to take caution and avoid a global cyber war that could cripple the most advanced nations today. Baretzky said that advanced nations such as United States, Europe and China is largely at risk  due to their developing industrial complex, and that nations that is less inclined to industrial development is certainly lesser at risk.

Baretzky indicated that cyber-attacks is certainly on the increase, and — that now is the time to invest in the future of security on government networks and cyber-systems. Last year the Belgian Federal Public Service for Information Technology and Communication recorded several cyber-attacks on sites belonging to the federal authorities of Belgium. Belgium hosts among others, NATO and the European Commission and thus is at high risk at all times he said.

Such DDOD Cyber-attacks are typically to drown sites under huge amounts of data, rendering them unable to run correctly and brake down. Baretzky said that these emerging threats are mostly coming from the young generation “X” as the one of these cyber-hackers, a 19-year-old boy on trial in Brussels for such crimes. Baretzky said that the ECIPS supports the adoption of a  ” Cyber Law Enforcement ” Agency in Europe.

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