WORLD NEWS TOMORROW Paris, France:  The ECIPS European Center for Information Policy and Security complemented the French police in their swift reaction in cornering the wanted terrorist who shot 12 people dead at the headquarters of satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo on Wednesday.

The President of ECIPS Ricardo Baretzky said that this re-enforces our commitment to security across the EU and will unite law-enforcement to reacted more vigilantly and the exercising of coordinated terrorist risk management in the future.

He said this sets an example for the rest of EU law-enforcement that we can and must act without delays in future terror risk management, no matter what the cost or what it takes.

The law-enforcement community in Europe is presently on high alert and there still remains a fear of “copycat” attacks. Baretzky said that we face danger if we slack the tension of the present alert and urgent all departments across Europe to stay on alert till such time that public trust and confidence is rebuild after this massacre.

He said the war against terror has to be won and ” We Europeans shall not fail in our tasks to do so ”  This is considered by many officials as a wake up call and awakening from a deep sleep.

The ECIPS called for stronger  sentences on terrorist convictions and said that this incident should not repeat itself due to the fact that one of the terrorist were already previously  jailed for terrorist activities.

Baretzky said a stronger coordinated terrorist risk management program across borders is necessary to avoid this from ever happening again and urged that new standards of such risk management to be set immediately to ensure the European Dream of Safety and Security for All .

James Lee for World News Tomorrow.





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