WORLD NEWS TOMORROW –  JOHANNESBURG  SOUTH AFRICA: “ The deputy president of the ANC Youth League, Ronald Lamola’s comments that war is needed to ensure that land reform succeeds, creates conflict and polarisation in the country. It sparks incitement that could lead to a gorilla warfare and have a glimpse of  terrorism attached to it. Is the walls about to crumble in South Africa ?

The silence of the senior ANC leadership, especially president Zuma, about this is very disconcerting and makes the ANC an accomplice to this incitement to violence.

The farmers have no reason to apologize for possessing their land and have always fed the people of this country. Some communities are already taking the law into their own hands and execute criminals with necklace-murders. Government should therefore not be surprised if other communities also take the law into their own hands as a result of farm murders. The situation is becoming explosive,” Mr. Pieter Groenewald, the chief spokesperson on Police for the Freedom Front Plus says.

“The Freedom Front Plus has for a long time been asking the government to declare farm murders as a priority crime and is in the process of having talks with the minister of Police, Mr. Nathi Mthethwa, about this matter. The government however has a duty to strongly condemn comments such as those of the ANC Youth League or else they are silently giving their approval to the comments made,” Mr. Groenewald said.

Exclusive for World News By Dany Whiteboy Africa – IFJ member