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A recent article from John Naughton suggests that the newest to bin kickstarter Idea SWON, is reason to believe the IoT is the new way into your home for the bad guys.

For a longer period of time security experts keep banging the drums that security should not be an afterthought but should be into design right from the start. Often security is bolted on after an event takes place. Manufacturers keep patching up their products and software to keep it safe.

This being said the reality is worse on a global scale. It seems that the security is often not even considered leaving consumers open to the risk of hackers exploiting weaknesses of new developments.

The most recent development being that of cyber security guru Brian Kribbs. According to an article in the Guardian His website was taken down by what originally looked like a DDoS attack chocking all access-space to his website.

The scale of this attack was unprecedented at a point that, Akamai’s content delivery network could not cope as the attack was affecting its other customers. According to the  article on KrebsonSecurity Akamai was forced to shut down services to its site entirely.

Devices we find on the IoT today are IP camera’s, home automation systems, digital video equipment, routers, house robots being exposed to the Internet and protected with weak or hard-coded passwords and most often no updated security patches.

As normal computers get better protection every day all over the world it is a matter of time before hackers and cyber criminals find other ways into our homes and country’s vital networks.

According to experts it is too late to demand businesses and organizations to solve these IoT security problems. The only one that can actually interfere are the governments and highly skilled organizations who are on top of security worldwide.

The question here is: how safe is our environement to these kind of attacks with these new methods being developed and in hands of hackers and cyber criminals?

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