WORLD NEWS TOMORROW – JOHANNESBURG SOUTH AFRICA: The past European dark ages is nothing compare to that is to come, created by South African “Black” Politics,this is according to international Intelligence resources. 17 Years into its fantasy of democracy, it is the only country in the world imposing affirmative action again the minority of the country namely, the “white people”

The ANC has branded the BLACK majority as the underprivileged that need constantly handouts to be given from Europeans that has driven investment away.

Independent reports indicates that the walls of South Africa in on the verge of collapsing and there is a dark age to come that could be the darkest of all ages seen in the past. Once a thriving economy of which today, the majority whites with higher educations have left the country. Many have left to France, Belgium and Spain. There are indications that as much as 200 000 whites specialist in their filed have moved to France in the last few years. The foreign Embassy’s in South Africa is in-outdated by applications for re-locations by Whites of European descend.

Invest in Africa ” Viva la vive “  is like asking a Bull to swim to America across the Atlantic ocean.  Where has it all gone and where has it all gone horribly wrong. It began with F W De Klerk”s  vision of democracy and freedom. In 1994 He gave the country for control to the majority that has never been able to grow a weed  to feed themselves. As harsh as it may seem, the truth is always un-barefull to accept or eat. Thus it is easier to blame the minority , the white people, for the failure of the once thriving golden  economy of South Africa.

Have the  ANC simply done their job as a government such problems could have been avoided. Arrogance always pays of, for some very bad. Dr. Mulder from the FF Plus indicated yesterday on a radio interview that as many as 17 000 murders have taken place every year, That would give us 180000 Murders in the last ten years in average. Think about this. Would you want to live in a society that you have a 3/10 chance of being murdered ? He also indicated that over 1700 farmers  were murdered, but more importantly,  there were no single black farmer murdered in the last 10 years. Now, what does this tell us?

This is a strong call to The Hague to wake up as genocide is looming in the darkest of all evil in Africa, since they might themselves suffer from surprise by its own prosecution should they fail to pay attention to the international call.

People forget, that it was the colonialists who brought agriculture, food and production capacity to Africa 300 years ago. It seems that some prefers to live in the Bushes of Africa.  Little for evaluation we would think?

We then should all thank F W De Klerk and  scream” Viva – long live Darkest Africa “

Exclusive for WORLD NEWS TOMORROW by Kevin Brenan IFJ member Bruxelles