WORLD NEWS -IRAN – An Iranian parliamentarian stressed that Saudi Arabia should be held accountable before the Iranian public opinion for executing a number of Iranian nationals. In an exclusive interview with IRNA on Saturday, Alaedin Broujerdi who is chairman of National Security and Foreign Policy commission of Majlis said the Saudi act of executing Iranians was definitely against all international conventions and regulations.

He said the execution of a number of Iranian nationals on charges of drugs trafficking before the allegations were proved is against all international laws. He noted that lack of access to lawyers, translators and consular services is a clear case of strong violation of human rights by the Saudi officials exercised against the jailed Iranian citizens.

The MP stressed that the Saudi embarked on executing Iranian nationals before the charges were proved. In Iranian Foreign Ministry official too told IRNA that a delegation is to be dispatched to Saudi Arabia soon to follow up the case of execution of a number of Iranian citizens there.

He said the delegation will focus on cases of violation of the rights of the executed Iranians and also a number of other issues which have caused Iran’s strong opposition.

In April this year, Saudi Arabia executed a number of detained Iranian nationals on allegations of drugs trafficking but announced the issue officially two months later after the Iranian Foreign Ministry insisted that the fate of the jailed Iranians in Saudi Arabia should be clarified.

The Iranian nationals were executed despite the assurances made by the Saudi foreign minister who promised his Iranian counterpart during several phone conversations that he would stop the verdict.

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