IRAN- WORLD NEWS TOMORROW: Tehran’s readiness to continue the talks and collaboration with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) have been reiterated by the spokesman for Iran’s Foreign Ministry. On Tuesday, April 24, Ramón Mehmanparast when commenting on Iran’s latest communiqué with the agency told reporters. “Once again, we announced our willingness to continue negotiations and collaboration with the agency,”  WNT reports. “We have always been ready to have closer collaboration with the agency and have proved this in preparation as we have had the most [extensive] collaboration with the body,” he said.

“Iran would fully enjoy the right to peaceful nuclear energy in return for the country’s commitment to its international obligations” was the hope expressed by the Official. Mehmanparast expressed optimism that the next round of the negotiations will be fruitful and guarantee the rights of the Iranian nation and said Tehran has a positive approach to the upcoming round of talks to be held in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad on May 23 with the P5-1-the permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany.

He said “We believe any sanction measure as a wrong and negative step; however, we regard a removal of the illegal and unreasonable embargoes as the right approach for rectifying the previous mistakes.” He argued that the atmosphere of the upcoming talks could seriously be affected by any sanction by the West. Negotiations and talks held on April 14 in the Turkish city of Istanbul by Iran and the P5+1 was wrapped up and hailed as “constructive.”

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