WORLD NEWS TOMORROW – BRUXELLES: Global Expert and CI specialist, Baron Baretzky  indicated that the alarming focuses on terrorist activities in Africa is on the increase. The link between the “Diamond for Arms ” trade is becoming exceedingly stronger and he warns that African countries and the BRICS community need to pay attention,  as it would affect certain long term growth and stability in African regions.

“It is time that African countries take full responsibility“ he said. Africa has been given all the tools and technology for growth he added.  The growing concern surrounding “Blood Diamonds” and diamonds traded for illicit activities have not slowed down as indicated by the ICN trade figures.

The risk African countries are facing,  is that global terrorism could shift to Africa in the very near future based on the indications that illicit trade in diamonds and arms have not decreased.  This could lead to long term security issues and destabilizing of certain stable regions. The African diamond and gold industry is the largest revenue source for the majority of African governments. The influx of trade supporting illicit activities can only have negative effect on the stability of the African Union that he warned, could become a problematic situation for the BRICS allies in the future as indicated.

He indicated that although, Global Witness have made their position clear with the Kimberly process, they could do more to assist the the climate for change. He call upon them to take a stronger position against the illicit trade of  diamonds for arms activities. Baron Baretzky said that we need to focus on developing a healthy economy in all African countries, to avoid a catastrophic future. Wise words was uttered by such a speech.

The  2008 /9  International ICN Trade figures indicated a very different picture from what was sketched by the KP  process recently.  More importantly, how big is the “real” problem or how much is in fact involved with the illicit trade for arms ?  It truly leave the definition of  Blood diamonds to be re-examined as the Kimberly Process’s definition of a Blood Diamond seems to be very ambiguous and makes no real reference to what a Blood Diamond really is. Many loopholes is therefore created and is perpetuating the growing c4 scenario.

Exclusive for World News Tomorrow by James Lee