World News Breaking News Bulgaria: Europe lost €480 Million last year on Cyber Crime, estimated €1 Billion on small crime and a whopping estimated €160 Billion on Corruption of which not a single euro was recovered.  Why, We need to know why the law-enforcement in Europe is failing. Is it part of European Corruption integration?

These are the words of President of CYBERPOL Ricardo Baretzky yesterday at the Bulgarian Lawyers Union.  He further said that “All man is controlled by at least one of these factors, Greed, Corruption and religion which is the course of all evil that needs to be eradicated without any delay. What do you desire? Perhaps the arrival of the Devil such a bad idea.”

Baretzky pointed out that CYBERPOL is receiving many complaints that Facebook is manipulating people’s perception by unlawfully blocking peoples posts that does not violate anybody and more so that is poses a national security risks to the European Union. He warned that if the European Union fails to act CYBERPOL may take facebook down under article 2 of its mandate and in compliance with the Budapest convention for links to terror propaganda and aiding of incitements of radical behavior of terrorist.

President Baretzky warned that USA needs to take responsibility for FaceBook and soon could face a ban in the EU for several social media platforms who is unlawfully manipulating public perception” Europe will not fall prey to political interest of agencies using FaceBook for interference in the EU he said. ” Our evidence is mounting up and its only time before we will act against this political corruption” He pointed out the in the USA is amongst those unlawfully censored on FaceBook Baretzky and in itself shapes perception of Veterans and followers around the world.