WORLD NEWS – MIAMI, FL, December 29, 2014 /Entering its second decade in the Homeland Security industry, specialized in counter-terrorism and violent crime, Security Solutions International (SSI) is now positioned to expand its wide-range of products and services globally. Fueled by recent contracts with Asia, Africa and Brazil, SSI is looking eagerly at 2015 to be the busiest year yet and eyeing additional growth in markets such as China, Southeast Asia, Africa and India.

“China is expected to spend half of the world’s budget on Homeland Security in the next few years and we are looking for new technologies for these markets.”

“Global Threats to our Homeland are increasing which will only increase demand for SSI products and services in the United States.”

With increases in sales and profit for three years in a row, and forecasts of profit continuing to increase, the executive team decided that the timing was right for expansion.

Aided by the full support of US Homeland Security, now is the time for SSI to expand. In addition, the company is publishing its flagship US magazine The Counter Terrorist in Singapore and will participate in the Counter Terror Expo in London.

The deterioration of the world’s security situation has meant more contracts for SSI in countries such as: Nigeria, Algeria and Singapore. In addition to International Terrorism, the constant acts of mass shootings, bombs and other criminal activity from the Middle East to the Far East and American cities have created a demand for training like never before. These new markets also require new technologies, and SSI is positioned to provide this know-how with its broad representation of U.S. and International manufacturers.

New programs in 2015 includes the most innovative ever: Social Media Investigations, and how investigators can safely conduct these very valuable Open Source Intelligence investigations; Traumatic Events Workshop – taught by one of the world’s leaders in PTSD, helps First Responders build resilience before encountering critical incidents; Securing Public Transportation is designed to train Transit employees to understand, and report on Terror events before they occur through developing awareness of what they should be looking for and following SARS standards; a new program training Personal Protection Specialists by one of the top practitioners promises to build a cadre of the most professional protection specialists and many more. Visit the website for further information:

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