World News Tomorrow – Christmas news

Christmas is celebrated all over the world and some locations are just more exotic and different then what we know from the history books. But if you are fed up with your own tradition for once, then this article is the right one for you.

Spending Christmas is a forked expression. Spending is what it has become for many and Christmas is just as good as any other reason. Rather then spend time at Christmas the traditional way, here are some interesting ways of setting Christmas into a new perspective.

The first one is Puerto Rico. It is pleasantly warm that time of year, compared to what you would expect from a winter tale’s tradition. Rain is not excluded but the temperatures can reach a nice 21°C (70°F) during the day, dropping to 16°C (60°F) in the evening.

patelesStarting as early as beginning of December, Christmas in Puorto Rico realy gets up to steam reaching the 25th to New Years Eve. Food, drinks and festivities is what Christmas is about and make sure you enjoy Pasteles (PASTELES PUERTORRIQUEÑOS) a seasoned, baked pork shoulder that’s on almost every table.

More in the tradition of Santa Claus and closer to his freezing habitat you can enjoy Christmas in the traditional setting in Iceland.

Starting on the 23rd of December and lasting until the 6th of January, it is packed with traditional religious practice and folklore but also with cities and villages decorated in lights, food to eat and people to meet. The traditional Christmas tree remains the most important Christmas feature.

Did we say traditional? Oops, well there is a twist in this story. Iceland has not ‘one’ Santa Claus but thirteen, referred to as the Yle Lads. No flying in from the North pole in a sleigh pulled by reindeers. They would walk down the mountains into the villages one by one until Christmas Eve.

ogerA nasty bite in this tradition is, according to Iceland Folklore, being the Children of the three headed Ogress Grýla and her third husband Leppalúði and their lovely cat jólakötturinn. Their favorite food? Children-stew and a rumor about the cat who eats children that did not receive new cloths. Sure you want to go to Iceland?

Let’s quickly jump to a nicer place and fly out all the way to China where Christmas is a foreign Mystery. Christmas is a Christian tradition and there are not many Christians living in China. In the bigger city’s along the west coast with more western influences you will find Christmas. For the Chinese it has become partly a happy occasion to meet friends and family and it is a major annual commercial event. The Chinese Father Christmas, 圣诞老人, will help you feel right at home.

But Christmas parties are to be found and especially Hong Kong is a very good place to go for a Christmas holiday. With a two day public holiday, get togethers, fine food and shopping you will for sure have a great time.

Let’s get a flight to Columbia then and have a dive into “Navidad en Columbia” and find yourselves in a more Catholic setting of Christmas. Some there would call it byword for drinking, eating, dancing and celebrating but there is a lot of tradition to take in.

colombia-christmasChristmas in Colombia is different from the rest but big fun too. Starting on the 7th of December you will find many of the symbols and signs you’d expect from Christmas. Candles, Christmas trees, angels, Lighting, small candles in rows on wooden planks.

The 7th is the day you celebrate the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary. How do you celebrate? Well this is the fun part. Music, dance food and rum and Aguardiente. Powerful stuff.

On the 16th families are reunited singing Spanish Christmas carols and enjoy typical Hispanic Christmas food. The Paper Globes with candles and fireworks won’t be forgotten. After the mass on the 24th of December, families continue partying the next day on the 25th. Eating leftovers play music dance and have fun.

Medellin is probably the most famous city to go to but you can have a nice party in Bogota, Cartagena, Santa Fe and Tunja.

Finally, it is about what you fancy. Many continents have nice places to go to at Christmas but make sure you are well informed and prepared before wandering off and have Santa Claus or the Ogres of Iceland take you and eat you.