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Rijksmuseum Collection/ Musée du Louvre Collection, 2016Rembrandt painted the masterpieces of the newly-weds Marten Soolmans and Oopjen Coppit in Amsterdam in 1634, when he was twenty-eight. The portraits, more than two meters high, remained in private hands for almost four centuries.
Marten & Oopjen will be on show from 2 July until 2 October 2016 in the Rijksmuseum. The masterpieces will then be restored at the Rijksmuseum.

Wim Pijbes, General Director Rijksmuseum: What no one thought possible is now reality: the most wanted and least exhibited Rembrandts in the world, in the Louvre and the Rijksmuseum in turn, in the public domain and within everyone’s reach..

Jet Bussemaker, Minister of Education, Culture and Science: I’m delighted because the paintings are now finally in public hands. They belong to us all, and everyone, young and old, can enjoy them. I would say – go and see them!

Historical Research

Who exactly were Marten and Oopjen? Jonathan Bikker, Rijksmuseum curator, carried out extensive research into the two portraits by Rembrandt. Among other things, he established the subject’s name is Marten and not Maerten, as was always assumed. All his findings have been published in Two Monumental Portraits by Rembrandt; 52 pages; Dutch and English editions.

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