World News Tomorrow – Global war

Ever since the attack on Mosul began, strong indications existed that ISIS militants would use the Chemical factory Near Mosul as a weapon. On the 20st of October retreating ISIS fighters set the Sulfur stockpiles on fire causing a massive white smoke pillar.

Pictures emerged of soldiers wearing protective gear to prevent them from falling victim of respiratory problems.

The same day many oil fields near river Tigris were set on fire causing more toxic fumes to enter the atmosphere blocking a part of the Southern routes to the Iraqi coalition. The advances of Iraqi coalition forces are becoming more difficult as the view due to these fumes makes it difficult for drones and planes to observe and attack targets.

The consequences of this high scale bio-terror are vast and will make living in these areas impossible for many decades. These actions also caused the drinking water to become poisoned make life for civilians very hard.

World News Tomorrow oil-and-sulphur-iraq-2003-fw
World News Tomorrow oil-and-sulphur- Niraq-2003

An similar event occurred earlier in 2003 where a sulfur mine was set on fire and burned for almost a month causing massive air pollution after releasing 21 kilotons of Toxic Sulfur Dioxide into the air.

By Editor in Chief