World News Tomorrow – War in Iraq.

Recapturing of Mosul is becoming a street by street fight. A clear sign the fight for Mosul will be difficult and long. Slow progress is made as ISIL is fiercly fighting back. Using Suicide car bombers, explosive drones, layers of smoke and rubble as weapons of defense.

Using advanced units with snipers as early warning systems to detect suicide car bombers, these units are there to detect possible movement and kill drivers of the suicide car bombers.

As Iraqi forces move deeper into Mosul the fight is intensifying as ISIL builds up their defenses. The fights mostly take place in the neighborhoods of Al-Qadisiyah and the adjoining neighborhood Arbajiyah.
On Saturday a Suicide Car bomber sparked a heavy fight in the Al-Qadisiyah neighborhood. Iraqi forces are also preparing to surround the Al-Bakr neighborhood.

From the south of the City militarised police vehicles are moving up to 5 kilometers from the Mosul airport. The Iraqi forces counting 100.000 man strong consist of an alliance of Iraqi regular troops, special forces, Peshmerga and Shia millitias.

But the fight takes place not only in Mosul but also in the villages nimrud-buldozered-by-isil-5mrch2015and towns arround it.

The ancient city Nimrud has just today been retaken from ISIL by Iraqi forces. This ancient city is laying around 30 km south of Mosul .

Founded in the 13th century BC was buldozered to the ground by ISIL in 2015. Artifacts and ancient sites were completey destroyed.

It is unclear at this time who and what has remainded from what once was a jewel of the Assyrian era. As Iraqi forces push ISIL further back to the Syrian border and looks succesful in their fight for Mosul, there is again hope for the people who are the real victims in this war.

The Iraqi progress may be slow, but the intensifying battles in the neighborhoods indicate ISIL is not giving up. There are many neighborhoods to conquer and the question remains if ISIL has defenses are holding any surprises.

The US has already expressed their concern ISIL might weild rudimentary constructed chemical weapons. Let’s hope for the people in Mosul this doesn’t become reality.

By Editor in Chief