World News: The President of ECIPS, Ricardo Baretzky a prominent figure in the fight against global terrorism and corruption was recently physically assaulted by a “Middle Eastern Man” during visit to the Diamond Center in Antwerp last Monday. He sustained a neck and arm injury during this assault that were witnessed by many of the shop keepers and bystanders at the time.

President Ricardo Baretzky here seen with Senator Marco Rubio during is visit to speak as subject matter expert (International Cyber Crime and Terrorism) representative before members of The Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee on Western Hemisphere Crime Capitol Hill DC.

The attacker, one of the shop owners shouted just before the assault ” Your CYBERPOL and ECIPS is a fraud” and then proceeded to attacked him in plain sight. He was immediately treated at the doctors for injuries. Its unclear what the motives of the attacker was but its clear he is misinformed.

CYBERPOL and ECIPS organizations were both approved by Royal Decree No WL22/16.595 in Belgium during 2015 and has since moved its HQ to UK and USA and in process of setting up home. President Baretzky was one of the co-founders of both organization and the main initiator in the establishment of it. Both organizations are well known and have received much acclaim for their efforts in fighting global corruption and crime.

Just two weeks prior to his visit to the diamond center he generously donated a blue diamond sample in need, one of the world rarest blue diamonds samples, a natural type 1ab to the HRD Europe’s Leading Authority in Diamond Certification in Antwerp. This generous donation by President Baretzky was made to further research and development in the HRD in the Antwerp Diamond Centre.

President Baretzky said: ” The man needs help but the failure of the law needs even greater help !”

Despite the multiple witnesses and doctor’s reports the subject is still not apprehended by the authorities. It raises the question if physical assault is legal in Antwerp and if it’s safe for visitors to visit the diamond district of Antwerp ?

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