World News AP – London – In recent month the worlds largest diamond center hosted in the city of Antwerp experienced huge pressure due to the current global economical emerging crisis. Despite this, the Antwerp Diamond center remains as a strong designation for buyers and collectors due to its years of impeccable integrity gained since the second world war.

The President of ECIPS, Ricardo Baretzky visited Antwerp last Friday and said that we must protect this wonderful industry in Belgium and complemented the integrity as one of the worlds most trusted diamond centers in existence.

Currently the new Antwerp Diamond Guild is in process to be opened and the official opening should be during coming summer of 2018. The new Antwerp Diamond Guild is expected to rejuvenate the cultural arts of diamond polishing and its preservation for future generations. With this, it once more shows the importance of the establishment of the new Antwerp Diamond Guild as pioneer in the preservation of the cutting and polishing of diamonds in Antwerp.

During the visit of the President Baretzky he donated a blue diamond sample in need, one of the world rarest blue diamonds samples, a natural type 1ab to the HRD Europe’s Leading Authority in Diamond Certification in Antwerp. This generous donation was made to further research and development in the HRD well needed for this types of specimens not much known of.

Baretzky stopped over to have lunch at the famous TAIM also known as the “Diamond Parliament” , one of the oldest running restaurants and gathering places for diamond dealers in Antwerp in the diamond center.

Recent research indicates that the global production of diamonds are on the decline which almost certainly will making it even a more sort after commodity and art in polishing.

By the Editor, For WNTC News Corporation London.